Advertising on this Site

This site is read by engineers in the sugar industry all over the world. It is read by a targeted niche audience, who are invoved in making purchasing decisions. The website is currently getting in excess of 70,000 page impressions per month.

There are a number of ways of advertising on this site

Banner Adverts

Banner adverts are ads placed at the top of each page or on the right hand side of each page or at the foot of each page

The prices below include the preparation of advertising material if required. If you have a banner please ensure it is in PNG or GIF format.

Ad size in pixels (width x height) Position Ad Duration Approx cost per 1000 impressions Cost Order Online
468 x 60 banner at the very top of the page Three Months R130.00 USD18.00 R18,000.00 USD3,750.00
468 x 60 banner at the very top of the page One Month R130.00 USD18.00 R9000.00 USD1250.00
468 x 60 banner at the foot of the page One Month R100.00 USD15.00 R7200.00 USD1000.00
120 x 120 button on the right hand side of the page One Month R100.00 USD15.00 R7200.00 USD1000.00
120 x 60 button to the right of the main body of text on the page One Month R50.00 USD7.00 R3600.00 USD500.00

Premium Links

Premium links are very similar to the well known Google Sponsored Links™. Premium links will appear at the top of the list of links together with a logo and a short description. The fee for a premium link is US$6,000.00 for one year period.

To upgrade your existing link or to get a new Premium link please use our payment partner to process your order or you can contact us at

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss these rates or any other aspect of advertising on the Sugar Engineers website then please contact us by email at

Duration of Advert Insertion

The minimum period for advert insertion is one month.


Payment can be online through or by normal cheque or bank transfer. The advert will be flighted online once there has been confirmation of payment

Web-Site Unavailability

The Sugar Engineers web site is hosted on an extremely reliable server in Germany and downtime is negliable. Claims for server downtime can be considered, the ISP logs will be regarded as definitive in determining downtime