The Sugar Engineers

Detailed Estimate

The detailed estimate ( or contractor's estimate) is based on complete engineering drawings, specifications, and site surveys. Fixed and firm prices against complete specifications are obtained from vendors for all equipment. All Bills of Material are complete and accurate and are priced by erection contractors. In spite of this level of detail the probable error in in the estimate is still 5%.

The estimating team requires the following general and engineering information:

  1. Copies of all enquiry documents
  2. Finalised P&IDs for process, utilities and offsite utilities
  3. Detailed Plot Plans
  4. Detailed engineering specifications
  5. Detailed planning schedules for engineering, plannning, procurement, construction
  6. Equipment data sheets
  7. Detailed engineering data for all disciplines (civil/ piping/electrics/etc.)
  8. Local site conditions/labour availability
  9. Quotations for all equipment items.