The Sugar Engineers

Policy on Registration and Subscription

Freedom of Information

The author of the Sugar Engineers' Library strongly believes in the freedom of information and knowledge and deplores the 21st century trend towards privatisation and commoditization of just about everything, including information.


Also in this mad world one's identity is also becoming something that can be bought and sold. Website owners insist on knowing all sorts of personal details about you. Ironically our private information is becoming more valuable and yet it seems to be traded for a few cents.


It was previously the policy of the Sugar Engineers' Library to only link to news stories that were freely available to all. However two factors have precipitated a change in this policy

Consequently, the Sugar Engineers' Library will now link to stories that require free registration and we suggest that you make use of to register using shared data, however the choice is yours; you may wish to provide them with you own data

In exceptional cases we may provide a link to a story that requires a paid subscription: in such a case we do not suggest you use or similar, but rather buy a subscription if you don't already have one.