The Sugar Engineers

Commercial Terms and Conditions

All pipe stress design work will be done under the FIDIC Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement 3rd Edition 1998.


See Agreement - MS Word file


See Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement Standard Conditions


A - References from Clauses in Part I

1. Definitions - The Project

The Project is...

17. Duration of Liability

Six months, reckoned from the Completion date

18.1 Limit of Compensation

The maximum amount of compensation payable by either party to the other in respect of liability under Clause 16 is limited to GBP???.00

22. Commencement and Completion

The Consultant will commence work within thirty days after

The time for completion is one month reckoned from the day work commenced

31.(ii) Time for Payment

32. Currency of Agreement

The currency applicable to the agreement is Pounds Sterling

36. Languages and Law

37. Princlipal Place of Business

Kingdom of Swaziland

41 Notices

Delete Clause 41 in the Standard Condition and insert
Notices under the Agreement shall be in writing and will take effect from receipt at the address given in Part II. Delivery can be by hand or email message against an emailed confirmation of receipt or by registered letter.

Client's address

Client's Email

Consultant's address - PO Box 19, Simunye, Swaziland.

Consultant's Email -

44 Arbitration


B - Additional Clauses


APPENDIX A Scope of Service

The Consultant will

Battery Limits

To be defined


The Client will receive from the Consultant

Standards and Specifications

The Consultant will do the analysis on version 4.30 of CAESAR II. The pipe stress will be analysed in accordance with the ANSI/ASME B31.1 piping code for power plant. The turbine nozzle loads will be assessed in accordance with the turbine manufacturer's recommendations or if these are not available then in accordance with NEMA SM-23. The vessel nozzle loads will be assessed in accordance with the vessel manufacturer's recommendations or if these are not available then in accordance with the Welding Research Council's recommendations. The hangers will be selected from the Lisega catalogue.

APPENDIX B Personnel, Equipment, Facilities and Services of Others to be Provided by the Client


APPENDIX C Remuneration and Payment


The price to execute the Scope of Services is GBP???.00

Site Visit

Although this work can be done from stress isometric drawings and general arrangements of the turbines, vessels and the buildings in which the plant will be installed, a site visit is a good idea in order to make sure the models are accurate representations of the equipment in the factory. The cost of a site visit is not included in the above price. If it is agreed a site visit is necessary the rates are as follows:


This price is valid for a period of 90 days.

Terms of Payment

Fifty percent of the price shall be paid before Commencement, the balance on delivery of the report.

Methods of Payment

Payment shall be by direct transfer of funds into the Consultant's UK bank account

Price Changes

The scope of work has been estimated from preliminary and incomplete drawings, the Consultant reserves the right to revise the price on receipt of the Approved for Design drawings.


The Client shall pay all taxes that may be due by the Consultant in the country where the project is located, except if the country where the project is located is the Consultant's Princlipal Place of Business.