The Sugar Engineers

Rain Tray Condenser Rapid Design

The Sugar Engineers' condenser design is the of the rain-tray type. Cold injection water is conveyed by a central pipe up the length of the body to the rain tray. Some cold water cascades through the peripheral holes in the lip of tray, the balance of the cold water falls through tray perforations. The water flowing through the peripheral holes in the lip of tray impinges on the inner wall of the condenser. Condensation occurs on:

  1. the outer surface of the water inlet pipe,
  2. the inner surface of the condenser shell and
  3. in the stream of water droplets falling from the rain tray.

The design is well established (Moult and Smits, 1979) (Hutchinson and Wright, 1982) These devices work well over a range of operating conditions, they are simple in design and construction.