The Sugar Engineers

Limed Juice Flash Tank Rapid Design

The Sugar Engineers' Limed Juice Flash Tank design has a radial admission of juice to the vessel. The juice stream is turned vertically downwards and is accellerated by a concentric reducer and directed onto an impingement plate to cause maximum disruption and break-up of the juice stream. Vapour flashes from the broken juice stream. The vapour rises and any entrained droplets fall back to the bottom cone of the flash vessel due to the low upward vapour velocity. Juice falls to the bottom of the vessel and immediately drains viw the outleg pipe which is sized to ensure complete drainage.

The The design features a manhole (not shown in the website drawings) for vessel access for maintenance and cleaning. The vapour outlet nozzle is fitted with a screen to prevent ingress of foreign objects which may cause blockage and hence over pressure.