The Sugar Engineers

Liquid - Liquid Heater Rapid Design


Usually imbibition water is hot condenstate from the process house, often contaminated with sugar and not suitable for boiler feed water. This hot condensate is too hot for imbibition duty, for two reasons;

This hot condensate must be cooled before it can be used as imbibition. The obvious product to cool it against is the mixed juice from the mills. Hence a liquid liquid heater

  1. The Sugar Engineers' Liquid-Liquid juice heater design is based on the well-established technology described in Rein, 2007, p. 216
  2. It is a modular design which makes for very simple field erection. Very little, if any, site welding is required.
  3. The condensate and juice will flow counter-current to each other for good heat transfer.
  4. Each module consists of a number of passes of standard stainless steel tubes in a standard nominal bore pipe, flanged at each end, with standard IS/BS/DIN/ISO/ANSI/GB flanges (according to the Client's preference).