The Sugar Engineers

Specification For Vacuum Pan, Evaporators And Juice Heater Tubes Less Than Three Metres Long


This specification covers the material selection, dimensional tolerances, heat treatment, surface condition, inspection and testing, marking, and packing for tubes that will be installed in vacuum pans, evaporators and juice heaters in which the tubes are less than three metres long.

Quantities and Sizes


The tubes shall be of TP304L stainless steel, with a longitudinal welded seam

Code of Manufacture

The tubes shall be manufactured, inspected and tested in accordance with ASTM A269 Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service

Dimensional Tolerances

The dimensional tolerances shall be in accordance with ASTM A269

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment shall be in accordance with ASTM A269

Surface Condition

The external and internal weld bead shall be made flush. The tubes shall be supplied free of mill scale. This can be achieved either by pickling or bright annealling. The tube ends shall be cut square and deburred.

Inspection and Testing

The tubes shall be inspected and tested in accordance with ASTM A269. The inspection and testing will be done using an independent inspection authority, at the client's cost.


Each shall be marked in accordance with ASTM A269 and in addition shall bear the following marks Sugartech Specification


The tubes shall be packed in bundles with wooden frames to protect the tube ends. The bundles shall be strapped and shrink-wrapped in plastic. A means of lifting the bundle, in a way that will not damage the tubes, shall be provided.