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Updated : Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:46:42 +0200
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Kenya: Mumias Sugar Reviewing Electricity Deal With Kenya Power

NSE-listed sugar miller Mumias is renegotiating its co-generation electricity purchase agreement with Kenya Power, citing capacity and pricing issues that have skewed the deal against it.

Kenya: Mumias Sugar Plunges Into Sh2.71 Billion After-Tax Loss

Mumias Sugar's net loss for the period ended June 30 has widened further compared to the previous year despite lower finance costs and higher revenues.

Canada - Rogers Sugar to lay off 59 employees at Lantic Sugar

Rogers Sugar recently announced that it will trim its staff force at Lantic Sugar's Montreal refinery by 59 employees through a combination of layoffs, early retirements and voluntary departures. This represents 15% reduction in the current workforce.

Zambia - U$500 million investment for a new build sugar-ethanol plant

Greenfuels is investing U$500 million for a sugar-ethanol plant in Zambia, according reports from local press. Some 30,000 hectares for a sugar cane plantation Luapula province has already been acquired. .

UK - Low EU sugar prices impacts AB Sugar's profitability

In its latest trading update, AB Sugar acknowledges that operating profit will be down by some 20 million "driven by declining European sugar prices". This hit the Associated Brition Foods (the parent company) share price, which fell by 56 pence to 26.21.

Sugar border battle heats up

The long simmering issue of whether the Mexican government is subsidizing sugar exports to the U.S. market reached a boil on Aug. 26 when the U.S. Department of Commerce announced an affirmative preliminary determination in connection with its countervailing duty investigation of imports of sugar from Mexico. The D.O.C. preliminarily determined the financial assistance the Mexican government extends to producers and the Mexican sugar industry constituted subsidies allowing the Mexican sugar industry to compete unfairly in the United States market with U.S. sugar producers.

Cuba for New Investment Program in Sugar Industry

Havana, Sep 10.- Cuba is going for a new investment in the national sugar industry, for the increase and sustainability of the production of sugar and by-products, among them alcohol, energy and food for animals.

NFR BioEnergy to develop bagasse pellet projects in Louisiana

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Frank Randazzo, chief operating officer of NFR BioEnergy, have announced the company will make a $312 million capital investment to install biorefineries at more than 10 sugar refining hubs in south Louisiana, subject to completing lease and biomass agreements with sugar mills. NFR BioEnergy will convert sugar cane waste, known as bagasse, into hardened energy pellets for use as fuel at global power plants. NFR BioEnergy has begun development of the first biorefinery in White Castle, Louisiana, where it is collocating the facility with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill.

Profits hope for owner of Peterborough firm British Sugar

The owner of Peterborough-based British Sugar and Primark has announced it is expecting to see profits rise this year.

Editorial: Don't rush decision on U.S. Sugar-Hendry County sector plan

For a brief moment in 2008, it appeared Florida was ready to do right by the Everglades, after over a century of dedicated destruction.

Sugar Consumption Adds Up

Medford, Ore. Our country is dealing with an expanding waistline and one reason may be because of our sugar-heavy diets.

Kenya's Mumias Sugar warns of wider annual loss

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's Mumias Sugar warned on Wednesday that projected losses for the year to June 2014 would be bigger than the previous year's pretax loss of 2.24 billion shillings ($25.3 million).

Rogers Sugar Inc. Announces Productivity Improvement Through Workforce Reduction at Lantic Inc.'s Montreal Refinery

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2014) - Rogers Sugar Inc. (the "Corporation") (RSI.TO) announces today it will reduce the hourly workforce at its Montreal refinery by 59 employees through a combination of layoffs, early retirements and voluntary departures. The Montreal refinery is operated by Lantic Inc. ("Lantic"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Corporation.

Sugar farmers seek subsidy

The sugar industry is asking for a P400-million annual subsidy from taxes and duties collected from sugar to help small sugar farmers get farm machineries and improve their capabilities.

Kenya: Sugarcane Farmers Smile All the Way to the Bank

Nairobi Arrears owed to sugarcane farmers are now being paid off after a directive from President Uhuru Kenyatta for Sh1.1 billion to be released to sugar factories for settling debts owed between July 2013 and June 2014.

Kenya: Uhuru Settles Cane Arrears

THE government has spent Sh1.1 billion to pay cane farmers' arrears in the sugar belt up to June this year.

Sugar cane waste means 450 new jobs, $312M capital investment

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - Governor Bobby Jindal and Chief Operating Officer Frank Randazzo of NFR BioEnergy announced the company will make a $312 million capital investment to install biorefineries at more than 10 sugar refining hubs in South Louisiana.

UP: Cane pricing policy conundrum

The UP sugar industry is passing through its worst financial crisis ever. The depleted cash reserves of many sugar mills including some becoming sick are clear signs of a beleaguered industry. The situation is so grave that rating agencies have downgraded the credit ratings of almost all sugar companies in UP.

Sugar solutions

ONE Fiji Party claims it has the solution to revive the sugar industry and ensure benefits to farmers increase.

Sugar 'not addictive' says Edinburgh University study

People can become addicted to eating for its own sake but not to consuming specific foods such as those high in sugar or fat, new research suggests.

Eastern Region to get new sugar mill

A GhC925 milion (US$250 million) sugar mill project is to be set up in the Eastern Region to produce sugar and ethanol for export to the West Africa market.

Ethiopia: Nation Saves U.S.$38.9 Million Through Blended Gasoline

Ethiopia has managed to save 38.9 million USD, used to spend on gasoline imports, over the past six years by supplying ethanol blended benzene, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy said.

Sudan: Protests Against Soaring Prices in Sudan's Sennar

Sennar Students in Sennar state went out on Thursday to demonstrate against the soaring prices of consumer goods, and the entire lack of bread in the area.

ABF weighed down by weak sugar sales

Associated British Foods expects to see improved full-year profits despite substantially lower revenues and earnings from its sugar business.

British Sugar sees bigger beet crop this season

British Sugar expects this season's beet crop to be well ahead of last year and is upbeat about its ability to process the higher volumes.

Sorry, Raw Sugar Is No Better For You Than Refined

Along with plain white refined sugar, most hip coffee shops now offer "raw" sugar. I usually go with raw: The golden crystals and brown paper packets somehow make me think it's more wholesome than the conventional white stuff, which, as highlighted in a previous Mother Jones investigation, many scientists now believe is far worse for you than the industry would have us think.

Middleman must be eliminated from sugar industry

LAHORE,Sept 8 (APP)-Federal Minister for Food Security and Research Sikander Hayat Khan Bosan has said that sugarcane growers and mills were inter dependent and problems should be resolved for efficient working.

ABF warns of 'substantially lower' sugar profits

Shares in Associated British Foods dropped 5% after the clothing-to-grain trading group cautioned of a "substantially lower" profit at its sugar division, hurt by the drop in prices of the sweetener to levels it deemed "unsustainably low".

New sugar law in the offing

Cabinet has approved principles that will form the basis for the enactment of a new sugar law, the junior minister for Industry said last week.

Sugar bill in the offing

CABINET has approved principles for a proposed new sugar control law, intended to regulate the industry that has been riddled with controversy.

Exotic and unusual harvesters: Sugar cane

The earliest sugar cane harvesters date from the 1920s and a single machine could replace up to 100 labourers. In Australia, mechanical harvesters first appeared in the 1950s and were harvesting 85% of the crop by late 1960s. Today that figure is 100%.

Sugar disappears at USC

The sugar, a major kitchen item, is not available at any outlet of the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan for the last more than one month despite the corporation has increased the rate of sweetener by Rs7 per kg to Rs60.

10 sugar-producing provinces vulnerable' to Asean integration

WORKERS in the country's top 10 sugar-producing provinces are in danger of losing their jobs if the local industry could not keep pace with the competition in Southeast Asia, the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) said Sunday.

Egypt: UAE Company to Build Sugar Factory in Minya

Minister of Trade, Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour said that a UAE company would set up a sugar plant in the Upper Egyptian province of Minya.

Angola: Cacuso Industrial Unit to Yield 18,000 Tons of Sugar Per Year

Luanda The Agro-Industrial Unit of Cacuso, northern Malanje province, is expected to produce about 18, 000 tons of sugar/year, after its inauguration on October this year.

Ethiopia: Sugar Project Aims to Boost Power Production

Ethiopia has embarked on an ambitious project to grow more sugar crop as it would not only allow the government to meeting soaring demand for sugar but also help it boost electricity production and cut carbon emissions.

Zimbabwe: Green Fuel Sets Up New Ethanol Plant in Zambia

LOCAL tycoon Billy Rautenbach's Green Fuel company is setting up an ethanol project in Zambia after being frustrated by government in his plans to set up a second plant in the province's Nuanetsi Ranch in Mwenezi district.

Tanzania: PTA Bank Gives Tanzania U.S.$138 Million

Dar es Salaam The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank) has approved grants totaling $138 million for three projects and three syndicated loans in Tanzania.

Ethiopia: Indian Company's Failure With Sugar Plant Causes in House Manufacturing, Repair

The Indian company that won the restricted overhaul bid of Metehara Sugar Factory last year has failed leading the factory for in-house manufacturing of machinery and repair, according to employees and the new management.

UP sugar mills reject state government aid and conditions

New Delhi, Sep 1 (IANS) Beleaguered private sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh Monday rejected the assistance of Rs.6 per quintal of cane announced by the state government as inadequate, saying they are unable to meet the aid conditions.

Florida's sugar barons grow fat on subsidies, diabetes and Everglades destruction

Big Sugar is the new Big Tobacco, writes Alan Farago - lethal to human health, wreaking environmental devastation, gouging huge public subsidies, and with the political clout to stop First Lady Michelle Obama from breathing a word against it. Only an alliance of 'green', health and taxpayer campaigners can kill the beast.

North Qld sugar mill's multi-million dollar investment will survive 'disappointing' RET recommendations

A north Queensland sugar miller is disappointed at the recommendations being considered by the Federal Government in relation to the Renewable Energy Target, but says it will withstand the changes.

Mackay Sugar CEO, Quinton Hildebrand discussing the recommended changes to the Renewable Energy Target

Quinton Hildebrand says the $120 million co-generation plant, run with sugarcane by-product, will survive proposed changes to the RET scheme, but future investment is stifled by the policy uncertainty

Cool spring hurts Louisiana sugar crop

THIBODAUX, La. (AP) The cold spring is coming back to haunt local sugarcane farmers who are expecting a stunted crop and later harvest season.

Uttar Pradesh sugar mills reject state government aid and conditions

Beleaguered private sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh Monday rejected the assistance of Rs.6 per quintal of cane announced by the state government as inadequate, saying they are unable to meet the aid conditions.

Germany's refined sugar production in the new 2014/15 season is forecast to rise 0.9 million tonnes

German farmers have planted about 374,400 hectares of sugar beet for harvesting in the new season Germany's refined sugar production in the new 2014/15 season is forecast to rise 0.9 million tonnes on the year to 4.39 million tonnes, Germany's Agriculture ministry said on Friday in its first harvest forecast.

More Sour Times In Sugar Industry

Tonight, there are concerns coming from cane farmers in the north following a letter from Tate and Lyle, the British company a major purchaser of Belizean sugar. According to the letter, in the next sugar crop, they stand to lose 83% of their revenue from that overseas sale.

US/MEXICO: Washington plans duties on Mexican sugar

The US government has announced plans to put duties on sugar imports from Mexico, claiming the shipments are subsidised by the Mexican government.

Subvented loan scheme for sugar industry to end this season

The government has decided to not to extend the financial assistance to sugar undertakings through interest subvented loan beyond this current season.